History of Commerce in India

The concept of business was developed with the primary aim of making a profit. Business is a human activity as it relates to the production and marketing of goods and services. Humans are constantly engaged in one activity or another in order to fulfill their infinite desires and desires. Business has become an integral part … Read more

Classification of Joint Stock Companies

Joint stock companies are classified based on different perspectives. A brief description of each of them is as follows: Classification of Joint Stock Companies 1. In the case of creation (a) Chartered Companies: A chartered company with investors or shareholders, the rights granted by the Charter for the purposes of trade, research and colonialism. In … Read more

Define Sole Proprietorship, it’s Features, Advantages & Disadvantages

The Sole Proprietorship is the oldest business organization in which an individual presents his own capital, ability and intelligence to control its affairs and is solely responsible for the decisions of its activities. This is also known as single Enterpreneurship or sole proprietorship. The individual can run his own business or seek the help of … Read more

Define Partnership Firm, Features, Advantages & Disadvantages

A ‘partnership’ is a group of people who collect the financial and administrative resources of two or more individuals, share their profits or losses, and agree to continue a business. The individuals who form a partnership are called “partners” and collectively called “partnership firm”. Partnerships are an ideal form of small and medium enterprises with … Read more

Define Cooperative Societies, mention it’s Features, Advantages & Disadvantages

The word “cooperation” is derived from the Latin word “co-operari”. The word ‘co’ means ‘with’ and ‘operari’ means ‘to work’. Therefore, the word cooperation means working together. Therefore, those who want to work together for certain common economic goals can form a society, which is called a cooperative society. A co-operative society is a voluntary … Read more