9 games to fight against in every sale

9 games to fight against in every sale

Every discount campaign is like a war. (Image: CD Project Red / Getty Images – Paris-Oser)
It’s all in your wishlist: the games you’ve been wanting to buy for years are waiting for the right moment. With every sale and every discount campaign, you ask yourself one more question: Will I win this time?

If you have not already clicked Buy, be strong!

Who really follows whom in bargaining? Of course, on the one hand you can dust off a lot of good games at once with good discounts. On the other hand, there are games that you do not really need, but they are more attractive because they cost less than ten euros. Should arguments be weighed, strengthened, weakened or made a good offer?

That may not be a big “first world” problem, however, sales always make interesting arguments against you and against you. We asked our community about their tough sales struggles and the nine patterns we share with you in the gallery below.

Buy or Don’t Buy: 9 games for sale that will always kill you
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Want To Buy Ubisoft Games And Disco Elysium Or Just Have The Fun To Buy? The sale attracts a lot of land, which is associated with a lot of deals and disappointments for players. Even if you survive one, the next has already begun.

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